Let's take up the challenge !
for “Hojo” society together

I believe that “Hojo” society is a society in which everyone can cultivate their dreams and hopes for future generations.

In order to build “Hojo” society,
we will aim for a society with strong capabilities for disaster prevention and mitigation and supported by a healthy infrastructure.

We will take up the challenge of research and education as a fusion of social science and engineering,
and the implementation of research results for the benefit of society .


Research Center Director Akira HOSODA

History and Future Prospects
of the Research Center

This research center was first established after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

In November 2022, the name of the center was changed to “Research Center for Disaster Mitigation for “Hojo” Society” as a result of the gathering of researchers in the fields of social science and engineering. We will discuss the meaning of “Hojo” society, but it signifies a society characterized by sustainability, resilience and well-being.

With this research center at the core, we hope to create an attractive environment where university faculty members, students, and staff can work actively together, and fully collaborate with government sectors, infrastructure owners, and private companies. We will continue contributing to “Hojo” society from the perspective of disaster prevention and disaster mitigation, to allow people to grow and prosper.