R.U for Long-life infrastructure

R.U for Long-life infrastructure

Unit overview

Our social activities are supported by infrastructure such as roads, railroads, water supply, sewage, and other lifelines, and ports, airports, public buildings, and so on. We are engaged in research to improve maintenance systems for infrastructure to make them attractive and sustainable so that the enormous amount of existing infrastructure can remain sound and serviceable for a long time. We will contribute to the improvement of actual maintenance systems in cooperation with infrastructure owners. Furthermore, we will develop technologies to extend the service life of newly constructed infrastructure and thoroughly reduce its environmental impact, and promote the application of these technologies in society.

Research URL:https://er-web.ynu.ac.jp/html/HOSODA_Akira/en.html

Unit member

Unit Leader

・Research on rationalization of maintenance system for bridges in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture
・Attainment of quality and durability of road infrastructure such as bridges and tunnels
・Research and development of technology on how to innovatively utilize ready-mixed concrete waste and other materials as resources (Kanto Regional Development Bureau Technical Development 2021-2023, Representative: Akira Hosoda)
・Development of a support system for smart inspection of infrastructure and training of engineers using augmented reality display (Kanto Regional Development Bureau, Technical Development 2022-2024, Rep: Hiroshi Tamura)
・Development of sustainable geopolymer concrete using only by-products and waste as main raw materials for decarbonization of the construction sector (Kanto Regional Development Bureau Technical Development 2022-2024, Rep: FUJIYAMA, Chikako)

Unit Achievements

Our daily life of convenience and safety is supported by a vast number of infrastructures. The infrastructures to be created in the future should be designed for long service life and low environmental impact, and the vast amount of existing infrastructures must be properly maintained to support everyone's daily lives, with the people involved in infrastructure construction and maintenance able to enjoy a sense of mission and fulfillment. Aiming for such a society where everyone is energized, we will continue to passionately take on the challenges of technology development and the social implementation of technological advances!