R.U. for Earthquake Risk Assesment of Infrastructures


Unit overview

In order to improve the safety of structures subjected to seismic motions and other disturbances, more advanced and standardized design and maintenance methods must be established. This unit conducts research to clarify the load-bearing behavior of structures and steel/concrete members constructed above or below ground, taking into account the behavior of the ground. The aim is to reflect the obtained knowledge in practice and to propose technologies to improve the seismic resistance of structures, seismic reinforcement measures, and post-disaster diagnosis and restoration methods.

Research URL:https://er-web.ynu.ac.jp/html/KOMATSU_Satoshi/en.html

Unit member

Uit Leader

Infrastructure such as roads, railroads, water, sewage, and other lifelines, and ports, airports, and public buildings support our social activities. We are engaged in research to improve maintenance and management systems to make them attractive and sustainable so that the vast amount of existing infrastructure can remain sound and serviceable for a long time, and to contribute to the improvement of actual maintenance and management systems in cooperation with infrastructure managers. Furthermore, we will develop technologies to extend the service life of newly constructed infrastructures and thoroughly reduce their environmental impact, and implement them in society.

Unit Achievements

・Multi-scale analysis and service-life assessment of RC structures (Maekawa)
・Proposal of a method for estimating residual seismic performance of damaged steel structural members of buildings (Matsumoto)
・A study on deformation performance of square tubular steel columns subjected to multiple small-amplitude plastic deformations (Ishida)
・Development of a reinforcing method for seismic walls with openings in existing RC buildings (Sugimoto)
・Evaluation of seismic brittle fracture limit of steel members and its reflection on design (Tamura)
・Study on the improvement of seismic performance verification method for underground RC box culverts (Komatsu)