R.U. for Developing countries, Mega cities

R.U. for Developing countries, Mega cities

Unit overview

The R.U. for Developing Countries, Mega cities undertakes research on both developing countries and megacities. Our objective is to offer measures to mitigate the impact of natural disasters that are congruent with the particularities of these regions. For instance, we investigate the integration of issues such as poverty and nascent institutions with disaster prevention and explore the implementation of infrastructure fabricated from locally sourced materials. Furthermore, we delve into the specific disaster-related challenges faced by megacities, both within Japan and abroad, to reduce risk.

Research URL:https://er-web.ynu.ac.jp/html/MATSUYUKI_Mihoko/en.html

Unit member

Unit Leader

Our research encompasses two distinct yet interconnected domains: developing nations and mega-urban centers. The former pertains to cities in underdeveloped countries, while the latter encompasses megacities in developed and developing nations. While these two areas may appear dissimilar, they share many commonalities, such as the substantial damage inflicted by natural disasters and complex socio-economic conditions. Therefore, we analyze the unique characteristics of cities in developing countries and mega-urban areas for disaster mitigation and aim to establish institutions and technologies commensurate with these characteristics, with the ultimate goal of reducing disaster risk in both contexts.

Unit Achievements

・Research on Utilization of Mud Ejected from Mud Volcano Disaster in Indonesia as Concrete Material (Joint Research with Institute of Technology Surabaya) (Chikako Fujiyama)
・Research on Coastal Conservation in Developing Countries (Takayuki Suzuki)
・Research on Enhancing the Resilience of Disadvantaged Populations in Indonesia Against Natural Disasters (Mihoko Matsuyuki)
・An Assessment of Seismic Response Capacity in Dhaka, Bangladesh (SATREPS) (Mihoko Matsuyuki)
・Research on Disaster Prevention Measures by Management Associations of Super-high-rise Condominiums (Mihoko Matsuyuki)
・Symposium on Disaster Mitigation and Sustainable Societies with University of Danang (September 5, 2022)
・Joint graduate school education program by JICA SEED-Net: Joint graduate school education program will be implemented from FY2019 in the JICA SEED-Net project by the four-party coalition of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Yokohama National University, Yangon Institute of Technology, and JFE Steel.